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    Syed Haider
    Importing members from Gmail
    Topic posted October 23, 2012 by Syed HaiderNovice 
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    Importing members from Gmail
    Unable to import addresses from a Gmail account to Shutterfly website
    I have created a Shutterfly website and am trying to import the contacts from my&nbsp;Gmail account into the Shutterfly website. When I click on &quot;Add members&quot; it opens up&nbsp;a window. I click &quot;Import Contacts&quot;.&nbsp;Under Gmail, I type my&nbsp;username and password, and click&nbsp; &quot;Next&quot;. It gives me the message, &quot;&nbsp;We&#39;re sorry. Currently, we are unable to find any contacts in your Gmail address book that are not already in your Shutterfly address book. Please try another email account or file.&quot;</p>
    I know that I do not have the members that I am trying to&nbsp;import from my Gmail account.&nbsp;&nbsp;I have about 200 contacts in my Gmail account. and currently I only have 2 members.</p>
    Anyone has any solution for this?</p>




      Hi Syed,

      Even I was getting the same message when I tried to Import contacts and got the same message and then when I contacted CS I was informed that the link through which the contacts get imported is currently broken and due to which we are not able to import contacts from Gmail. They said they are working to fix it asap and I am sure they will fix it soon like they always do. However, I was suggested to import contacts to address book from Excel. I would suggest you the same to import the contacts from EXCEL.

    • Cynthia Tse

      It is still not fixed!  I just joined and can't import my contacts!  Grrrr


    • Ruth Cresenzo
       I am having the same problem - it stinks.
    • Mark Bajorek

      I would think customer service should at least offer a reason for the delay in fixing this issue.  If it takes this long to resolve a problem I'm hesitent to add new members, or even use, my Shutterfly site.

    • Rose Aguila

      I find that Shuterfly has lots of difficulty in importing contacts. I have tried everything and gotten nowhere. If this continues I will find some other way of sharing my pictures.

    • M-O-T

      Please refer to this thread and make sure that you aren't reading a problem dated back to 2011!!

      Good Luck


    • Amy Brown

      I have the same issue.  I have a lot of Gmail contacts as well - is that the issue?


        Hi Amy,

        I suggest you to contact Shutterfly customer service.

        Contact by Email, Chat with Live Help or give a call at Phone: 888.225.7159.

        Hours of operation are:
        Monday - Friday, 6am - 9pm Pacific Time and Saturday - Sunday, 8am - 6pm Pacific Time

        • Amy Brown

          FWIW, here's what they wrote:


          Our apologies for the inconvenience caused. We are aware of this issue and our engineers are working on it. Meantime you may export the gmail contacts to an excel or CVS file. Then import it to the Shutterfly address book. You may use the google search on exporting gmail contacts for steps.

          Address Book: importing from a CSV file

          • Jay Willette

            Okay... here it is 2014... and your 'engineers' haven't yet figured this out?? Is less than inspiring to put a ton of my fotos on your site.... lots of work, but no reward... why don't you just quit and give up playing in this space... you have nothing much to offer.

    • Jay Willette

      I am so far UNDERwhelmed by the tech support behind this site... if you can't email pics selectively to folks in your add book and can't import those contacts into Shutterfly... then.. it is USELESS... I had high hopes for this, but no longer.. I'm voting with my feet... c-yall

    • Wanda Sheffield

      July 1, 2014 and I can not import contacts from Gmail or Yahoo. WTF??? I have spent a week downloading hundreds of pictures from our vacation in June. I can't believe I have wasted my time. THANKS A LOT SHUTTERFLY   I will not use you again.