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    Pam Baldinger
    members not showing up on member list
    Topic posted June 2, 2011 by Pam BaldingerNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    members not showing up on member list
    I recently added members to my site, but their name/icon does not show up on the page, only when I go into the member's list
    <p>How can I ensure that the names of all members appear on the site, and they can post photos? Right now members I added after setting up the site do not show up in the member's section, I only see them when I open the owner's list of members</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Pam,

      I'm not totally sure why members are not showing up in the "Member List", but one possibility is that the number to display is too small. To check this, click on the "options" at the far right of the member list section name and choose the "Edit section.." menu option. This will give you the following:

      Adjust the value as necessary. If this doesn't solve the issue, please contact Shutterfly's Customer Service.

      As far as knowing if your members have rights to add photos, please choose the "Edit site permissions..." option from the "Customize" menu to get the following window:

      This shows the permissions assigned to the various roles for the site. If you move your mouse over a column heading, you will see a brief description of the permission as I've done for the "Contribute" permission. As shown in this screen shot, "Contribute" permissions are necessary to add pictures to the site. In this example, my members do not have this permission. Thus, please check you site permissions and make sure that your members have the correct permissions.

      As shown in the screen shot above, you also can add new roles with "Add a new role" link which is right below the permissions box. In this example, I have a role named "Test role" which has different permisssions. This can be used when you want some members to add pictures, but not all. In the "Member List" section or the "Show member list" option from the "Members" menu, you can edit a member and change their assigned role.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)