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    Mary Ann Martin
    How to stretch one photo across 2 pages
    Topic posted December 28, 2011 by Mary Ann MartinNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    How to stretch one photo across 2 pages
    <p>I want to stretch one photo across 2 pages.&nbsp;&nbsp; How can I do this ?&nbsp; I have seen other books on Shutterfly but no clue how to do this.&nbsp; Not user friendly.</p>
    <p>Mary Ann </p>



    • Joey

      Hi Mary Ann,

       I found these links from Ann & Henry. Hope this helps.

      Here's the link on how to do a two-page spread by Ann:
      Forum Posting by Henry: stretching one photo to two pages

      A Shutterfly User
    • Mary Ann Martin

      I did get this from ANN but I don't get it.  Sorry.  I am a viusal learner.   I just don't grasp how to do it.  I have been on for 3 hours and it ain't happening.

    • Joey

       I'm a visual learner myself. Try Henry's link. He has screen-shots that i think would make more sense.
      His link is under the one from Ann's.

      Let us know if this still isn;t working.

    • alicia young

      I've done this most recently with a background.  I would think you could do something similar with smaller photo boxes on each page.

      I couldnt fit the ENTIRE picture in but here is what it looked like.  



      Doc1.doc (1.5MB)
    • Shannon

      nicely done, Alicia!

    • Mary Ann Martin

      Thank you but I had already figured it out.  PHEW!!  It took me 3 hours.  I am going to share my books on Shutterfly,  never done that before. 

      I might be either cat4554 or Mary Ann Martin with my username to share.

      My trip to England & Italy was my most recent.

      Do you all share your books on Shutterfly ?

      how does one make it look like a scrapbook ?  Would I scan my airline tickets and other mementos then upload ?

      Mary Ann