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    Bring back the Page Backgrounds to All New Custom Path!
    Topic posted November 3, 2011 by SweetPea22Novice, last edited May 23, 2012 
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    Bring back the Page Backgrounds to All New Custom Path!
    Classic Path Backgrounds missing from New Custom Path
    <p><span class="commentBody" data-jsid="text">Why are all the page backgrounds that used to be in the&nbsp;Classic Custom&nbsp;Path not in the New Custom Path? Some are there, but a lot are missing. Like the ones under Surfing Safari, Beach Towels, etc. I want all of these in the Custom Path! Makes no sense why you would drop backgrounds. I am starting my summer book and would really like to have the added variety of backgrounds to choose from. Thank you!</span></p>



    • Oksana Vialykh

       I definitely agree!!!!


      I was working on our year in review book recently and found it extremely frusturating to always having to go back an add backgrounds!!!!! Half of them are not even there anymore (couldnt be located) and then it kept telling me that I added 100 of them and I really didnt!!!! Same with the stickers....while they are great, it is difficult to pick a theme and having to stick with it and having to go back to "add more" every time....why cant they all just be visible for you to choose....


      I find that it now takes sooo much time to do the custom path, that i am not as excited any more to get to it :(

      Please bring back all the backgrounds and make them available without having to "add them"



    • SweetPea22

      I agree Oksana, I spent HOURS creating the last book I made, which was my first All New Custom Path book. It was several hours a day for about 3 weeks!

      I like the versatility of being able to move and resize photos, so I don't think I'd go back to the old version just for that reason.

      The stickers and ribbons are great too, but like you said trying to find the right one takes so much time. They need to add a "search" feature to the stickers and page backgrounds. Just type in a buzz word for something you are looking for, say "summer" and everything related to summer pops up. So much easier than having to fish through every other season under that category! You need a flower, then bam every sticker and ribbon with a flower pops up. I can easily spend 15 minutes just searching for one sticker. Multiply that by the average 50 pages I have in a book and you're talking many, many added hours just searching for embellishments!

    • Amy Dupas

      i agree they do need a search for the right sticker or general idea of the sticker.  They also need stuff for religion.  i was looking for baptism stickers and found nothing relating to religion at all

      • SweetPea22

        I emailed them about needing more stickers for religion also. Never got a response. I added pages in my Spring book for my son's 1st Holy Communion and there was nothing in the sticker catagory for the occasion.

    • Mae Pasamba

      I totally agree with bringing the backgrounds back.  I emailed them about it and they just said that right now the classic path backgrounds are for classic and the custom paths are for custom.  So annoying.  Hopefully enough people complain that they finally allow the backgrounds in both. 

      Also, I love the idea about being able to just do a search for a background and sticker. Like the previous posters, I would spend more time just looking for a sticker than actually editing a page.  My books are typically 50+ pages long too so it gets annoying having to look for each page.  And what sucks is that the "themes" don't always have all the stickers for that theme.  Like I can find Christmas stickers in multiple theme locations.  I end up going through every single theme looking for a sticker knowing I saw it somewhere but can't find it again later.     

    • Pam Horst

      I agree with all that you have stated.. I like having all the options with custom path..but liked the old backgrounds that are no where to be found and find that trying to get the stickers is very time consuming- the search feature would be perfect!  

    • Anne Marie Hunt

      I agree!  I wish they kept all the same background options that they had with the Classic Path.  I do love the stickers, but the more background options the better.  There were so many backgrounds with the old books that I loved.

    • Krystl Malone

      I also agree they should bring back the backgrounds. I was very excited to see all the new stickers and layouts, and being able to create your own, but really miss the backgrounds! My sisters and I make photo books for our kids every year and there were many backgrounds I loved and was looking forward to using as my daughter got older and now they're gone. I don't know why they got rid of them.

    • Jeannette Klem

       I agree.  I'm ready to go to another photo book company!  So, ARE they going to bring back the classic books?

    • Lori Vascoe

      I agree too.  I have loved all my photo books I previously made.  But I think Shutterfly no longer meets my needs.  I will have to look elsewhere if they don't bring back all the backgrounds.

    • Inez Marie Lillejord

      I have written to Shutterfly numerous times complaining about the lack of backgrounds in the new Custom Path. They told me "you have even more options now" and I pointed out that I have even LESS with the backgrounds, which are my favorite parts of making the books. I love matching the backgrounds to the photos. Many times just the right background can make the photos "pop" (to use an overworked phrase) or change the mood of the page. I am trying to quickly make a few books before the 31 January 2012 deadline of when they pull the Classic Custom Path. I also noticed that Shutterfly managed to effectively hide the Classic Custom Path option, probably to justify that "nobody uses it anymore". I happened upon it by accident. I thought it wasn't available anymore. I've finished a couple of new books and ordered them. I'm afraid Shutterfly will not be getting my orders anymore. After reading all the problems the rest of you are having with Custom Path, I'm not sure I want to even try. I also like making PHOTO ALBUMS not SCRAPBOOK PAGES, which is what the Custom Path seems to be.

      • Julie Gautreaux
         I can't even find how to do the classic custom path. I have spent the last hour looking to get started. I'm very dismayed.

        I agree with all of you who are disappointed with the changes Shutterfly made...backgrounds, new custom path, etc.  I already switched to

        I will use shutterfly for other purposes but for photo books, I will be able to customize the page backgrounds with blurb. They also have more paths than shutterfly and a variety of paper (quality) to select from. Professional photographers and artists use blurb as well as non professionals.

        It is not for storing photos so it will upload right from your computer desktop or chosen destination. Check out their website at

    • Anne Marie Hunt

      Inze, I agree that the backgrounds are lacking with the new custom path.  There were so many that I loved with the classic path and I miss them.  I do hope that at some point moving forward they will offer more backgrounds.  I think a lot of people have this same complaint.  I don't really get why they had to get rid of some of the backgrounds.  They should have just kept all the same ones (and added more!) in addition to the stickers.  The last book I made though was with the custom path and, I have to say, the pages of this latest book are much more fun and the book itself is more interesting to look at it.  It did take more time to make because there are so many more options with the stickers and all, but I had fun doing it.  I don't use the backgrounds and stickers on all of my pages.  I like to leave some of the pages just black (I like the way the pictures pop on a black background).  I'd say that 50% of my pages on the last book are embellished and the other half just black background.  I was very hesitant to try to custom path.  I was kind of stuck in my ways with the classic.  The feature I love most about the custom path is that you can format your pages anyway you want.  You are not limited to the formats provided by Shutterfly.  I also love that I can put text anywhere on the page and not just in the boxes provided with the classic path.  You can also rotate the pictures and text to put them on an angle.  When I made calendars back before Christmas for presents, it was difficult to go back to the old way of using only Shutterfly formats and not being able to customize the page.  I felt so limited.  I assume at some point we will be able to customize the calendars as well.  My main problem with the custom path now is that they got rid of the Curlz font which was my favorite font and the one I used on all of my covers.  It is such a pretty font, I don't understand why they would get rid of it.  It boggles my mind.     

      • Marilyn Huyck

        Calendars -- Yes I hope they will :

        1. Allow customizing on the calendar top pages.

        2 Allow cropping on the small day blocks.

        3. Allow photos to be added to calendar (bottom half),  blank day spots that precede the 1st day of the month and follow the last day of the month.

      • Clara Bailey

         Like you, I agree that being able to format the pages any way you want is excellant!  I used to get very frustrated that I couldn't add text to some of the pages with lots of pictures.  And I like that I can rotate frames around and remove frames from pages so even if I use the same template on several pages, I can make it look a little different each time. 

        BUT - I also REALLY, really miss the old backgrounds!  I don't understand why they can't just add them back to the options.  Looks very limited for Christmas pages from what I have seen.  I've just ordered my first book using the new custom path and I'm anxious to see how it did using photos as backgrounds, which I think is cool, but I don't want to do every page that way. 

    • betsy wong

      yes, i have to agree with everyone here about the old backgrounds.  they were great and i liked the fact that i could easily find them. i hope they bring them back if enough people complain!


      i like the new custom path's options, but with the new cp, it takes forever to load the backgrounds (even after adjusting my flash player options, etc.).   the search function would be enormously helpful.   it's almost as if the number of options is a bit of hindrance sometimes!  it takes forever to find a sticker, background, etc. because there are simply so many of them.  and yes, i spent almost two months (a few hours several days a week) making a 50 page book because it took so long to find things.


      i would like to add also that it'd be nice to see the name of the background (short description maybe? - though maybe that's asking too much) when you mouse over a background.  sometimes the previews are too small to see what they are exactly (patterns, dots, stars, etc.).  sometimes i can't tell one background from another because you can't see the detail in the preview well enough.  it'd be best if they just made a bigger preview, actually.