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    Christina Logan
    Make album private
    Topic posted June 22, 2013 by Christina LoganNovice 
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    Make album private
    If I have a site that people can visit, how do I make an album private?
    If I have a site that people can visit, how do I make an album private? That&#39;s pretty much it as far as my question goes!</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Christina,

      You need to provide more information. Since you posted this under the photo books section, I'm assuming that you are referring to a photo book when you say album. 

      The simplest way to keep the album private is to not post it to the share site in the first place. The album will be available to you in your "My Projects" page in your Shutterfly account.

      If you are looking to share the book with a few people, you can always share it via email.

      If you are looking to still share the book from the share site, but not to everyone who can see the site, remember that permissions can be set at the site level, the page level, and the section level. Also, if you don't have viewing rights to something, you cannot see it.

      Thus, the best thing to do is to either create a special page or a special "Photo Books" section. Then, you create a special role using the "Edit site permissions...." option under the "Customize" menu. Then, remove all viewing rights to the special page or special section except to the special role created. Then, change the role to this special role for all members you want to be able to view the album. Please note that the site owner can always see things no matter what permissions are set.

      Thus, it depends on what you really want to do.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)