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    how do I change my email address??
    Topic posted August 30, 2010 by Member 6596435Novice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    • HenryB
      I'm guessing that you are really asking how to change the email address associated with your Shutterfly account. If so, the following is from the Shutterfly Help pages:

      Change Mailing / Email Address
      Published 09/20/2005 09:06 AM  Updated 12/02/2008 12:38 PM

      How do I change my mailing address, or the email address my account is listed under? Change email or shipping address? How do I update account information in Shutterfly?
      Sign into your account or if you are signed in go to the My Shutterfly page. You can return to My Shutterfly page from almost any page on the site by clicking the 'My Shutterfly' tab at the top of most pages. At the top of the page, click on the 'My Account' link.

      Find the "Personal Information" section and click the 'Edit' link underneath it to be taken to the Change Address page.

      Once there, enter your new email and/or address in the appropriate field(s), and click the 'Save now' button to save your changes.

      If you encounter an error trying to enter an email address, more than likely that email already exists on Shutterfly as another account. Shutterfly only allows one email address per account so you will not be allowed to update your email address if the other account with the same email address exists on Shutterfly. You may log into the other existing account and modify the email address and save it (i.e. could be modified to, then log back in to the old account and update the email to the new email address (i.e.

      If you have trouble please submit a question to customer service by clicking the 'contact customer service' tab.

      Since you don't specify if you have a share site or not, I suspect that the process will also change the email address for any sites you are owner and/or member, but I'm not sure it will since I haven't actually done it. As a precaution, you may want to add the new email as an owner for your sites before you actually change your Shutterfly account email.

      If you run into difficulties, please contact Shutterfly's Customer Service:


      Phone: 1-888-225-7159
      Monday - Friday: 6am - 5pm Pacific Time
      Saturday - Sunday: 8:30am - 5pm Pacific Time