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    Julie Bradhurst
    Panoramic Prints
    Topic posted December 1, 2012 by Julie BradhurstNovice 
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    Panoramic Prints
    How can I get panoramic prints?&nbsp; Everytime I select one to print, it crops the photo.&nbsp; Plus there does not seem to be a print size for it.&nbsp; Am I missing something?&nbsp; What is the typical print size for them? &nbsp;(I&#39;m not looking for a hugh poster size, just 4 x whatever)&nbsp; Or is it just not possible to get panoramic prints via Shutterfly?</p>



    • TKJHO

      Hi Julie,

      The print sizes Shutterfly offers are:

      Prints pricing
      Item Price
      4x6 Print $0.15
      5x7 Print $0.99
      8x10 Print $3.99
      Set of 4 Wallet Prints $1.79
      11x14 Print $7.99
      16x20 Print $17.99
      20x30 Print


      Suppose you want to print a panorama photo with an aspect of 4 : 30, click on its thumbnail to view a large sized photo, hover over EDIT to choose CROP PICTURE, then choose CUSTOM CROP and preview the picture at the print size you want. You have to trim off the white borders from the actual print yourself.

      Alternatively, you can use an image editing software such as Photoshop to combine a few panorama shots into one photo, e.g. five of the 4 : 30 photos in five rows to make one 4x5 : 30 (i.e. 20 : 30) picture. Then you can just order a 20X30 print and get 5 pictures for the price of one.

    • Krystal Ross

      I combined 4 panoramics into one 12x12 page using Picasa, then ordered a scrapbook page and cropped them.  Bonus: it made them the perfect size for my actual scrapbooking :)


    • anne Poirier

      to answer the question, no, shutterfly does not offer panoramic prints without trying to make one out of a larger picture.

    • Shannon

      Hey guys,

      Our iPhone app offers panorama prints. Hope that helps!

    • Nancy Freeman

      Hope Shutterfly is working on making this easier.  Panoramic prints are a fact of life and so easy to take now that it needs to be easy to use one in a photo book. Hope this is in a development group somewhere.

    • David Carlino

      So you only offer panoramic prints on the iPhone app, but you can't access other projects created on the website through the app.  I was thinking of ordering some panoramic prints along with a few other projects that we created online, but I have to place two separate orders and pay two shipping charges?  What a joke...  Plus all separate specials through the app vs the website.  Why the two different systems?  It's like like the website and app aren't connected at all.  Very poorly done.