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    Haley Horton
    Custom Path Book Won't Load - HELP!
    Topic posted October 21, 2011 by Haley HortonNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Custom Path Book Won't Load - HELP!
    One particular custom path book won't load on one computer, but wil load on others.
    <p>Hi everyone,</p>
    <p>I made a custom path photo book a few weeks ago and&nbsp;it will not progress past the "just a&nbsp;moment" screen when loading on my work computer.&nbsp; However, it WILL load on my&nbsp;home computer.&nbsp; AND other custom path books that were made several months ago WILL load on my WORK computer.&nbsp; So.&nbsp; What on earth could be the problem?&nbsp; Customer Service made all the usual suggestions (cookies, firewall, updating java and flash, trying another browser) none of which worked.&nbsp;Things to note:</p>
    <p>My work computer (the one it won't open on) is much newer than my home computer.&nbsp; Has windows 7 and IE9.</p>
    <p>I've already tried (so please don't suggest!) the following:</p>
    <p>-Mozilla 5 with the latest flash and java (didn't help)</p>
    <p>-Updating internet explorer&nbsp;to the latest java and flash&nbsp;(didn't help)</p>
    <p>-Clearing cookies and cache and restarting (didn't help)</p>
    <p>-Putting an "s" after the "http" in the web address (didn't work)</p>
    <p>-Disabling the firewall on my work computer (didn't help)</p>
    <p>-Changing global settings in flash to allow other users to store data on my computer (didn't help)</p>
    <p>Any other suggestions?&nbsp; Would Shutterfly have changed something recently that would make newer books unable to open while older books can open?&nbsp; If I can't find a solution, I'll just keep working on the book on my sloooow home computer.</p>
    <p>Thanks in advance!</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Haley,

      When you say Custom Path book, I'm assuming you are talking about the All New Custom Path books. The other question is whether or not the older books you mention are also All New Custom Path books or are they Classic Custom Path books?

      All I can say is that I'm not having any trouble opening any of my ANCP books. In fact, I created a new one just now and save it. I also was able to reopen it without issue. My computer is Windows 7 and I'm using Firefox 7.0.1.  I've also was able to open this new book (and others) with IE 9 and Google Chrome 14. Additionally, I'm retired so I don't have a work environment. However, I have not had issues opening books at coffee shops which the only non-home networks available to me.

      That said, I certainly don't know how your work environment is configured, but it's been my experience that work computers are behind a router with a firewall. Thus, the firewall on your computer may not matter. If this is the case, you should check with your company's networking support personnel to see if there is a router/firewall between your computer and the Internet and, if there is, ask if it's possible to power cycle that router.

      The only other suggest I can make is to try to create a new book, as a test, from your work computer.

      Good luck.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • Birgitte Besbes

      Hi Haley,

      I am pleased to see that it is not me going crazy. I have exactly the same problems as you have. I can open ANCP only with  Firefox, and not with Google Chrome, whereas projects in the old format are ok with both browsers. Today I tried starting a new ANCP project. I managed to open  the book on Firefox,  got hold of some photos to put in it, and then the the trouble started again. Taking ages putting the photos in, and every time it ends: sorry error - pls try again. When I try again, the photo is in there after all. But it is sooooo sloooooow

      It would seem that there is still something not quite right with the ANCP installation. I have written to customer service again.

      I do hope that they will solve this problem soon, as I am a photobook addict!