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    SUMMERBOOK photo book promotion
    Announcement posted September 11, 2012 by ShannonShutterfly Elite Master, last edited September 12, 2012 
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    SUMMERBOOK photo book promotion

    Update: SUMMERBOOK promotion has been extended one extra day and will now expire 9/13/12 at 11:59pm Pacific.

    Here are a few tips about using our current free photo book promotion:

    Offer Details:

    • Offer is good for $29.99 off a hard cover photo book (Enter SUMMERBOOK into your Shutterfly account)
    • You can use the offer to get a free 20-page 8x8 hard cover book, or get $29.99 off an 8x11 or 12x12 hard cover book
    • Extra pages and padded or leather covers are available for an extra fee
    • Offer not valid for soft cover books or StoryTelling styles and elements
    • Offer limited to one redemption per household
    • Offer expires 9/12/12 at 11:59pm Pacific.

    Code Entry and Use:

    • Code can be entered in the shopping cart or by clicking the “Enter special offer code” link at the bottom of the My Shutterfly page
    • Once entered, there is no need to enter it again – it will be stored in your account
    • You can view your special offers by clicking the “See details” link in the special offers section of the shopping cart, or by clicking the “View my special offers” link near the bottom of the My Shutterfly page
    • Once entered, the offer should automatically apply to any hard cover 8x8, 8x11, or 12x12 book you order
    • The promotion will appear as a $29.99 discount on the shopping cart page prior to checkout


    • If you have any other offers in your account (especially %-off offers), you may need to de-select them in order for this promotion to apply

    -To de-select an offer, click the “See details” link in the special offers section of the shopping cart
    -Make sure any other offers are unchecked and the “$29.99 off” offer is checked

    • If you get a message that the code has already been entered, then it has already been stored in your account
    • If the error message says the code has been used, then you either used it in that account or another account from the same household

    -Offer is limited to one per household



    • Joey

       Thanks Shannon,

      This is where they helped me in Live Chat. I had to de-select an offer like the 10% one. It was helpful talking to them. I thought the offer expired 9-6-12 so I was rushing to re-order a book.

      Joey :)