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    Kelly Mapes
    Why is it cropping my pictures, I try to recrop them to fit...
    Topic posted June 27, 2011 by Kelly MapesNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Why is it cropping my pictures, I try to recrop them to fit the whole picture but it wont allow me.
    Proram is cropping important portions of my pictures out and not allowing me to recrop them in a way that fits the whole picture
    <p>Proram is cropping important portions of my pictures out and not allowing me to recrop them in a way that fits the whole picture.&nbsp; For expample half of a waterfall is cut off and some important text in the pictures.&nbsp; I know how to recrop but the allowable crop tool still wont fit the whole picture. Please help.</p>
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    • HenryB

      Hi Kelly,

      The biggest issue with cropping is the aspect ratio of the original image compared to the aspect ratio of the destination (print, photo book layout, etc.). The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to height (or height to width). For example, look at these where the display format is heightxwidth and aspect ratio is width to height:

      4X6 = 1.5 to 1

      5X7 = 1.4 to 1

      8X10 = 1.25 to 1

      Thus. if you have an image which is sized to be 4x6 equivalent such as 2000X3000 pixels and you try to put it in an 8x10 format, it won't fit without cropping.

      For example, here is a 8x10 photo with a grid to show the dimensions:

      Now, if I preview it for printing an 8x10 print, I see the entire image as shown here:

      However, if I preview it for 4x6 printing, some of the image is cut off as shown here:

      As stated above, the key for no cropping is to match the aspect ratios. This can be tricky if you intend to print or use different sizes from the same image. Thus, it's best to avoid close cropping either in the camera or in photo editing software. This is where the borders of the image are very close to the main features of the image and is something I tend to do. Here's an image which is close cropped on the top and bottom:

      Here's one which is not:

      Even if some of the right side of the image is lost by cropping, the face and paws of my cat will still show which are the important parts of the image in my opinion.

      With a photo book, you have more flexibility because different layouts have different aspect ratios and, with the New Custom Path book, you can customize any layout to fit your photo.

      For other things, the layouts are fixed which means that cropping will be required if there is an aspect ratio mismatch.

      I hope this helps.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • Joey

       These are good screen shots Henry. i know when i have cropped a photo prior to putting it in my cart for ordering, it won't allow me to have the whole image. It cuts off some. The ones i didn't crop, i could put in the 4x6 size and it worked fine.

      Would u suggest not cropping images before one orders pictures?

    • HenryB

      Hi Joey,

      Generally, you do not need to crop before printing. However, it really depends on the aspect ratio of the image. If it is 1.5 to 1, it will print in a 4x6 format without cropping. However, it will be cropped when printing an 8x10 format (ratio 1.25 to 1).

      I usually upload my photos in a 1.5 to 1 ratio (4x6 and 20x30 format). However, if I know that I will be ordering a different size, I will crop the photo to the appropriate ratio with my photo editing software and upload this version of the photo as well.

      Additionally, I'm trying to be more aware of the elements of the photo when I take it and when I edit it so that I don't close crop it. This way I don't have to worry about any automatic cropping when the photo is printed.

      Finally, here is what Shutterfly has to say about this subject as it concerns ProGallery photos:

      Pro Gallery: cropping options

      Published 09/29/2005 01:43 PM   |    Updated 08/11/2011 01:37 PM
      How can I handle cropping so that my customers do not receive any poorly-cropped images from my Pro Gallery?

      Because Pro Galleries are designed to allow you creative control over the printing of your pictures, we allow cropping only by you and not anyone who orders from your Pro Gallery.

      The aspect ratio (dimensions) of prints varies by print size. Our system will automatically crop your images to fit the print size ordered. To minimize undesirable cropping, we recommend the following:

      • Avoid cropping before you upload... crop afterward using our cropping tool.  Our system allows you easy cropping; and you can also undo or adjust it if you make a mistake or change your mind. (Which you can't do if you crop it beforehand!)
      • Use the standard camera aspect ratio of 1.33:1. (Other sizes, such as square or panoramic images, may be subject to excessive cropping or printed whole with white borders.)
      • Preview the cropping for each print size that you will offer for sale. Note that each picture can have only one custom crop setting, so pick the cropping that works best for all sizes... or upload another copy of your picture to use with a different size.
      • Make all changes to your image prior to adding it to your Pro Gallery. By design, there is no image editing option in the Pro Gallery order path, so that customers who order prints from your galleries will not be able to adjust cropping or borders.



    • Joey

       Thanks Henry...this helped a lot. i'll try to remember not to crop until i have the photo in my cart. i think its  habit!!

      I received the prints i ordered, some were cropped before-hand but they turned out fine. Whew!

      Thanks again Henry. i appreciate it!

    • andrewg

      I ran into this annoying auto-cropping issue, too, but found a work-around. To preserve the original image dimensions, follow these steps:

      Select a photo in your album. In the menu bar above the pictures select the Edit drop-down menu. Click on Crop Picture. A new screen appears, with a grey control panel on the left. At the bottom of that grey control panel, beneath the Orientation section, there is a link to "Custom crop tool". Click that link. The Custom Crop Tool shows the original image size with the current size outlined by a rectangle. The Custom Crop Tool also defaults to a "Free" image size - that's exactly what we want. There's no need to do anything. Just hit the Return to Album button above the grey control panel. In slideshow mode, the picture should now be properly displayed with its original uploaded dimensions.

      If you need to do that for lots of pictures, go to the album and, in the upper right, click Select All. When you go into the Edit > Crop Picture function, on the right is the "Revert to original" control but it includes buttons for clicking through each of the selected pictures. Just click to view each one, hitting the Custom Crop Tool link where necessary.

      These actions add a white padding border when viewed in slideshow mode but at least that's better than having part of the picture chopped off.