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    Brian S
    Google custom search widget
    Topic posted July 8, 2010 by Brian SNovice , last edited February 9, 2012
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    As a long-time shutterfly user, I recently began researching use of "widgets" to enhance my site's usability.

    I've searched in vain on this forum to learn how -- if technically feasible -- to use a Google custom search widget so my site's visitors can search for specific content on my photos page:

    Following are the steps I followed to embed the Google custom search widget on my /photos page:

    1)  Changed my site permissions:



    • Member 6596342

      Brian I tried doing the same thing. I "think" this site has a


      NO INDEX


      Line in the code making SHARE SITES ...well "unshareable" unsearchable to any one who has not recieved an invitation.Ive tagged photos from another site with the link to my site



      and these pics will come up in a search of rivergods.shutterfly but the site itself remains unsearchable.And these pics were tagged only a few weeks ago


      There was a discussion on this a while back that as far as I could tell had no resolution to this problem. I would try to hunt it down for you but there is no search feature to even search within Shutterfly itself


      I was trying to make my site for a club but the fact that no one could "stumble" upon it makes it disappointing


      The site was so easy to set up and had so many of the features I was looking for

      But I guess Im trying to use it for something it was not created for




      Its not the fall its the sudden stop

      • tina bittner

         unfortunately my daugh. put hundreds of cherished photos on the site, I thought they were probably ok.  Now that I need access to print the photos of my grandma for her funeral, I can't print them out.  They appearantly hold the rights to them, so we can only look at them, not make our family copies...without paying them for our own pict's back.  I would not reccomend this site for others, unless they don't like loosing control over their photo's.  Money site....$$$$$ or nothing.

    • Member 6596342

       heres the link to the older thread i saved it in favorites .... haha


    • Roger (Worthy)

      Hi Tina,

      Didn't you keep a backup of your photos on your computer?  That's Computing 101.

      This thread is/was about Google Widgets. If you've got a real complaint why not send it to Shutterfly Customer Service.


      Roger. A Shutterfly User?