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    Janet H.
    Clear Memorabilia Pocket
    Topic posted November 5, 2012 by Janet H.Junior Member 
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    Clear Memorabilia Pocket
    Please share how you are using this
    Is this supposed to stick on the inside back cover of the book? &nbsp;I&#39;m curious about how others are using this. &nbsp;Please share. &nbsp;Thanks.</p>




      Hi Janet,

      I have not ordered book with Memorabilia Pocket but this is what I found on help center where it says "To adhere the pocket, remove the adhesive backing and apply to the inside front or back cover of your photo book." You can check the information given in help center on All New Custom Path Memorabilia Pocket.

      I hope this would help yousmiley


        I would put the pocket inside the front cover so there is a surprise element for whoever opens the book.

    • Lbcp

      I usually put mine in the back of the book. I make a book from every trip we take and I tuck in things like brochures, postcards, ticket stubs, etc. To me, those are things that should go in the back, not the front.  :)  In my annual family yearbook, I tuck in our Christmas card, invitations, notes, etc., also in the back of the book.  My one complaint is that the pockets are so small.  I would love the option of an 10x10 or 11x11 pocket for the 12x12 photo books.  Then large memorabilia could be included.