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    Kathy Dunmon
    Calendar How-to
    Topic posted February 18, 2011 by Kathy DunmonNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Calendar How-to
    Can I replace the Shutterfly calendar with an existing Google calendar?
    <p>I've set up a share site for our baseball team.&nbsp; The coach has a Google calendar he maintains with practice and game schedule.&nbsp; I'd like to change the share site to point a calendar tab to that URL instead of trying to import the google calendar into Shutterfly calendar.&nbsp; I believe the Shutterfly calendar will be static (imported from a file on harddrive) and our team calendar will not be static so it would require ongoing maintenance to keep the 2 in sync.&nbsp; Any suggestions?</p>



    • Shannon

      Hi Kathy,

      Welcome to the Community Forum!

      Sorry, you won't be able to replace the Share site calendar with a Google calendar. I thought you might be able to add a widget to your Share site, and then copy/paste the Google calendar embed code into it. I tried this out with my own Share site, and the calendar did show up, but the results were not optimal (see my attachment).

    • Shannon

      Hi again Kathy,

      I may have found a workaround for you!

      Go to your Share site and click on the Calendar tab.

      Scroll down, and click on the "Add other sections..." link.

      Click the "More" tab, and Add a widget.

      Copy/paste the Google calendar code in, and type 600 for the widget height. You can find the code by going to the Google calendar settings link, and clicking the name of the calendar. You'll see the embed code on the right.

      Hit Save.

      Your Google calendar will appear below your Share site calendar. You can collapse the Share site calendar above it by clicking on Options>Collapse Section. I hope this helps!

    • GS Troop 70093

      That is perfect.  Thank you for the work around

    • Helen Mossington

      My first calendar, yesterday, I was able to choose my picture location etc, today on my new calendar, I am not able to do that, what is wrong?

    • Nicole

      Hi Helen,

      Sorry for the troubles you are experiencing! Its hard to say without knowing any details. It will be beneficial for you to contact our customer support team to walk through the process with you at 888.225.7159.