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    Angela Taliaferro
    Timeout Errors and "Please Wait"
    Topic posted December 2, 2012 by Angela TaliaferroJunior Member 
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    Timeout Errors and "Please Wait"
    Edit and Preview pages are extremely SLOW to display, and often I am getting a Timeout Error popup.
    The shutterfly server seems to be extremely slow to respond and keeps timing out. &nbsp;I am in the midst of editing my calendar and doing a final preview, but each page takes more than a minute to load. &nbsp;</p>
    I assume this has to do with heavy traffic on the site. &nbsp;Any ETA or relief in site? &nbsp;I just want to get my calendar done before the sale ends tonight!!!</p>


    • Armindo Jorge

      Same here...trying to create 3 calendars and still on first one after 2 hours...have never experienced this problem before!  Dialed into the Help phone number and got a recording that the wait time is 52 MINUTES!  Very frustrating!

    • Robin Martin

      I'm experiencing major issues as well. Shutterfly, please honor this sale for a few more days.

    • Julie Way

      Terribly frustrating... trying to order Christmas cards before the sale ends. Approx. 200 people in line for live chat support!

    • linda goff

      Here too, started slowing down, then freezing up, most frustrating. Hope they do the right thing and extend the sale tomorrow!

    • Becky Rutland

      I am having the same trouble! Has anyone ever seen this happen and then they honor the sale the next day? Just curious...

    • Rosanna Stewart

      Same problem here.  Can't even load my calendar pages, let alone edit anything.  Tried to call customer service, but message says there is a 48-minute hold time.  There is an option to have a rep call you back when they're available, so hopefully I'll get a call back soon.  Hope Shutterfly will extend the sale for customers who are unable to complete projects tonight due to the website issues.

    • Lindsay Visser

      I'm in the same boat and very frustrated!!!


    • Debbie Mickelsen

      Having same issues here too......  hoping for an extra day for discount as I have been using Shutterfly for years and have never had this issue!!!!  Very Frustrating!

    • kendra kreimendahl

      I have been working on holiday cards for a while now and have several saved as projects.  I had it narrowed down to two and was going to order tonight and take advantage of the sale.  I can't even preview my cards now and the site keeps telling me stuff is timing out.  It's extremely slow and frustrating.  Please honor the sale to those of us who are trying to take advantage of it tonight.  It is not our fault your servers are down.

    • sue badeau

      I am having the same problem.  I had this problem the other day too which is why I ended up having to wait until today to try to finish my calendar.  I hope they will honor the coupon because I am exhausted and need to go to bed - it is nearly 11 here on the east coast.  Can't get anyone to answer the phone and can't even get any one on the live chat function

    • Cara-Ann Stewart

      Having trouble finishing up my Christmas Cards and two Calendars. Very frustraiting. I hope they will extend the sale, I cant imagine staying on the phone trying to contact customer service before the sale ends...

    • Justin Poore

      I too am havign the same trouble and was hoping to finish my calendar before the sale is over...

    • Patricia Small

      Yep I have the same problem too. Worked fine earlier this evening now I keep getting errors and man is it ever slow.

    • Lynn Eure

      Frustrated here because I am unable to finalize our Christmas card. I wanted to take advantage of their holiday special. Keep getting the error message or waiting forever and then the timed out message. This is my first time using Shutterfly and now I am rethinking my decision.


    • Amanda Nevins

      aaah, Having the same problem.  Was just finishing up and now can't order it!!!  Very disappointed!   Hope that they will honor the sale for tomorrow, but am not holding my breath.  Ugh!