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    Ant Dude
    Using other Shutterfly users' images?
    Topic posted August 18, 2012 by Ant DudeJunior Member 
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    Using other Shutterfly users' images?
    Not just mine...
    <p>Hi!<br /><br />I have friends who use Shutterfly, and they have accessible pictures that I would like to add to my Photo Book. How can I use theirs? I only see options to upload from my computer.<br /><br />Thank you in advance. :)</p>



    • HenryB

      Your friends have to share the pictures either by email or a share site in order for you to use their picture. You cannot access pictures in someone else's acccount unless they share them.

      If you search the Shutterfly Help Pages for "sharing photos", you will find the following article:

      Sharing photos with others: options available and how to share

      Published 09/28/2005 08:50 AM   |    Updated 05/04/2012 04:46 PM

      What are the options for sharing photos with others? What's the difference between Shutterfly Share Sites, sharing by email, and sharing via Facebook or Blogger?

      Shutterfly offers several ways to share photos: Email pictures (free); create your own share site (free); post to Facebook or Blogger (free); or sell your own prints using Pro Galleries (premium). Here are details on them.

      Free sharing : Email Pictures, Shutterfly Share Sites, or Post to Facebook/Blogger

      With all of these options, you can share pictures online with others. They will receive an email with a link to view the shared pictures, order prints, and save pictures into their own free Shutterfly account if they wish.

      All of these options are free-- choose the one that best suits your needs, or use any combination of them:


      Email Pictures

      Shutterfly Share Site

      Post to Facebook or Blogger

      What is it?

      A single collection of pictures of your choosing, with a link that gets emailed to others.

      Your own personal mini-site with multiple albums, at a dedicated link.

      Similar to "email pictures" but the link gets posted directly to your Facebook or Blogger account.

      What is it best for?

      You want a one-time sharing of pictures of one subject or event; the share link is not public.

      Example: you want to share pictures of a party that only the partygoers can see; the pictures are at a link that gets emailed and aren't in a public online album.

      If you want to make a collection of shared albums, all in one central place.

      Example: multiple albums of your child's sporting events.

      You want a one-time sharing of pictures of one subject or event that gets posted to your Facebook or Blogger account.

      How do I do it?

      1. Click "Share" in the top menu
      2. Click "Email pictures" below it
      3. Select pictures from one or more albums. You can add or remove entire albums or individual pictures.
      4. Follow the prompts to enter/choose recipients, add an optional message, and create your share link.

      For more detailed instructions, see how to send a share.

      1. Click "Share" in the top menu
      2. Click "Post to share site" immediately below it
      3. Select pictures from one or more of your Shutterfly albums
      4. Click the orange "Add to site" button and follow the prompts.
      1. Click "Share" in the top menu
      2. Click the Facebook or Blogger icon
      3. Select pictures from one or more of your Shutterfly albums
      4. Click the orange "Next" button and follow the prompts. It will require standard Facebook or Blogger login info.



      Still not sure which option suits your needs?  Here is a comparison of additional specific details:


      Email Pictures

       Shutterfly Share Site

      Post to Facebook or Blogger

      What can others view?

      They can view just the pictures in this individual share link, and not any other pictures you've shared in the past.

      As your collection of albums at your Share Site grows, others can view the past albums in your Share Site.

      Similar to "Email pictures", they can view just the pictures in the link.

       What is the web address/URL?

      A randomly-generated alphanumeric URL.

       A permanent URL of your choice; it can be short and memorable. For example:

      A randomly-generated URL that gets posted on your Blogger account or your (or a friend's) Facebook wall.

      How many albums?

      An individual share is just one set of pictures (but they can be from more than one of your Shutterfly albums). Once it is created, you can't add more pictures to it.

       An unlimited number of albums; you can add/remove more pictures (and more albums) at any time.

      As with "email pictures", it's just one set of pictures.

      How public is it?

      Anyone with the link can view the pictures. The shared pictures cannot be password protected.

      The Share Site can be password protected (optional) so that visitors must have the password to view your Share Site. You can set permissions on sections of the Share site so that only certain people can see it.

      Anyone with the link can view the pictures. The link is still active even if you remove it from your blog or wall.

      Can others add pictures and comments?

      Others can add comments, but cannot add additional pictures.

      The Share Site owner can choose whether or not to allow visitors or members (of the Share site) to add pictures and comments to their Share Site. Most Share site owners require you to be a member of that site to add content.

      As with "email pictures", others can add comments but not pictures.

      What other features are available?

      None-- single album sharing is designed to be just a share link for pictures.  Share Sites offer other features such as a journal section, a filmstrip view for your images, a list of your favorite links, and more. None-- as with "email pictures", it's single album sharing.


      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • Ant Dude

      Is share site the URL I get to access their pictures or something else? If it is the correct one, then how do I tell Shutterfly to use them?

    • HenryB

      I'm really not understanding what you are asking. You need to know how you are accessing the photos.

      If you are clicking on a link in an email, then you should have an option to save them to your account if you are logged into your account. Here's a view of what a typical link from an email:

      This is what is seen if you are not logged into Shutterfly. If you login to Shutterfly, you will have options to save the photos to your account.

      If you are accessing them via a share site, you can save the photos to your account if that access is granted by the site owner or you can add them directly to your book. The owner has to select the "Advanced" tab from the "Edit site permissions..." window as shown here:

      Notice the first item grants permission to save photos. This is something the site owner has to manage.

      Finally, when you add pictures to a book, you get an option screen as shown here:

      If you click on the "Share Sites" tab, the sites you own and the sites your are a member to will be listed in the left panel. By selecting one of the and the album, the pictures will be shown in the right panel for selection.

      Note: I'm not sure if the permissions mentioned above have to be set the same way as the save.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Ant Dude

        No, I don't want to access my images. I want to use OTHER PEOPLE/ACCOUNTS' images that are accessible. I have their URLs to their public image albums. I want to use theirs into my photo books and stuff.

    • HenryB

      I hear what you are saying, but I'm not understanding what you really want. If you have a URL to friends public images, the question are:

      • Does the URL link to a share Shutterfly album? If so, you have to save the photos to your account.
      • Does the URL link to a Shutterfly share site? If so, you should be able to add pictures to your photo books directly as specified above.
      • Does the URL link to something else? If so, you have to download the pictures to your computer and then upload to your Shutterfly account.

      You cannot directly add a picture to a photo book using a URL to the picture.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Ant Dude

        The pictures are from my friends' Shutterfly albums. Ah, so I have to save them. How do I download them directly to my new account then?

    • HenryB

      How did you get the URL? Did you get it via an email? Or, did you get it some other way?

      It's important to know this so I know what to tell you.

      Here's the link to some pictures I shared:

      If I follow the link using a secondary Shutterfly account id which is logged into Shutterfly, I see the following:

      If I click the "View album" button, I see the following with the "Save to my account" link:

      Note: You should be able to click on the link provide and save these pictures to your account if you are logged into Shutterfly.

      Thus, once again, I need to know the source (how you obtain it) the URL to help you. If it's not from an email share and is not to a share site, it's probably not a valid link.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Ant Dude

        Perfect! However, I have a new problem. I tried using my friend's and your albums through the links/URLs. I got "Pictures saved successfully! The selected pictures have been successfully added to your Shutterfly account." results into a new album name, but I don't see them anywhere? What the heck? Did I miss something? :(

    • HenryB

      If you chose the "New Album" option, it creates the album in your "My Albums" folder. Thus, you should see it by clicking on the "My Pictures" tab and then clicking on the "My Albums" folder.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Ant Dude

        Yeah, I did that but for some reason they are not showing up in "My Pictures"'s tab's My Albums folders. I took screen shots/captures in action with your album: ...

    • HenryB

      It looks to me as if the process work as it should.

      Did you do a browser refresh between saving the pictures and the screen shot? Depending on your browser settings, your album list might not have refreshed.

      If a refresh doesn't help and since I don't have access to your account, I think at this point you need to contact Shutterfly's Customer Service.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Ant Dude

        Yeah, forced reloads/refreshes did not work. However, logging out and in fixed it. I repeated the test with your album, and I was able to reproduce the problem. Logging off and in fixed it. That makes no sense!

        FYI, I am using Mozilla's SeaMonkey v2.11 web browser in an old Windows XP Pro. SP3 machine.

        • HenryB

          Glad you found the fix. However, you may run into other problems because of your setup. Just be aware that Shutterfly, especially the photo books, is very Flash intensive.

          Since I'm not familiar with SeaMonkey or it's capabilities, all I can say is "beware".

          HenryB (A Shutterfly user)