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Unable to enter credit card information.6346Katie WNovice June 11, 2014
Dust Jacket Text021John CoppNovice June 9, 2014
Can not export photo book to PDF167Tracey HillNovice June 9, 2014
Netbook - Adding Photos224Monica EhmanNovice June 7, 2014
Need backgrounds available for all pages264Jennifer WeinstockNovice June 7, 2014
Is there an Idea Page for a family tree?270Lyn OberkirchSenior Member June 7, 2014
Edit Existing Photo Book4167Christine KatzenmeyerNovice June 2, 2014
Coupon needed for book with Lay Flat pages31724ReginaJunior Member June 2, 2014
Jpg not showing up in photostrip037Mark BedwellNovice May 31, 2014
photos stuck in upload8982Jean CramerNovice May 30, 2014
Bringing photo captions into a photo book157Debra PickettNovice May 29, 2014
No Project Thumbnail and PhotoBook not loading4102Jennifer PatlovanyNovice May 28, 2014
Scanning Drawings as JPGs, but they look pixelated in book...039Ashley AndersonNovice May 27, 2014
Layout/Themes for Animals021Rachel ManuelNovice May 27, 2014
Text or Picture on Inside/Back Cover383Mary Jo CarsonNovice May 25, 2014
Will photobook autosave if my computer crashes?41161Amanda JohnsonNovice May 25, 2014
Inside Cover Question8544Beth WoodwardNovice May 25, 2014
Edited pictures - Not showing up in Photo Book192396Colleen DixonNovice May 24, 2014
text is to long129Adriana SimoNovice May 23, 2014
Mapping Photo Size to Specific Areas in a Page Layout350Neville OReillyNovice May 21, 2014
Photo books, how long do they take?1142tom CollinaNovice May 20, 2014
Wish List - PNG FIles146Pam WiseNovice May 19, 2014
PROBLEM WHEN ADDING TEXT182109Liset AudeNovice May 19, 2014
Photo book - circle layout of picture2165Canadian GalNovice May 14, 2014
Photo not completely displayed.175Vernon SniderNovice May 13, 2014
Writing in a photo book?190Kerri HeinNovice May 12, 2014
Can't open and edit photo book!!1382964samantha herrmannJunior Member May 12, 2014
Wish List: Copy and Paste Text boxes3627Denise BassNovice May 10, 2014
Photo when dragged on spine changes color244Ferit FindikNovice May 8, 2014
text box problem6102Christine StephensNovice May 5, 2014

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