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Photo book won't save or order26110351Angela HooverJunior MemberApril 7, 2015
New "Seamless Spreads"6231Kelly SchwartzNoviceApril 4, 2015
"Jagged Edge/Torn look" frame1108Lia AugoustidisNoviceApril 3, 2015
Deleting pages in the middle of already created book.Answered1143Chris OffuttNoviceApril 1, 2015
Resize Ribbons without keeping aspect ratio?2107MRazNoviceMarch 31, 2015
terrible uploading1129jo thompsonNoviceMarch 31, 2015
Can't edit my Photo Book - only shows Slideshow!Answered2172Kira McKiernanNoviceMarch 31, 2015
Can a photobook project that I share with others be edited...Answered7255Jennifer TohNoviceMarch 31, 2015
Martial Arts stickers/embellishments?184Heather Hanson-WhatleyNoviceMarch 31, 2015
Page came stuck together, ripped page.Answered2151Gretchen CamburnNoviceMarch 31, 2015
Photo Book Pages won't load2212Katie HallbergNoviceMarch 31, 2015
Unable to retrieve Facebook album pictures to load into...3232Jennifer TohNoviceMarch 31, 2015
stretching one photo to two pages82665Chani WolfNoviceMarch 21, 2015
Can't open and edit photo book!!Answered1455021samantha herrmannJunior MemberMarch 18, 2015
Copy & Paste when customizing a photobookAnswered3320Julia MW BryantNoviceMarch 9, 2015
Changing photobook size?1168Renee HartshornNoviceMarch 8, 2015
African Photo book069Marni ChaskielNoviceMarch 1, 2015
Can I take a spread from an old photo book and paste it in a...1187Olivia PatinoNoviceFebruary 25, 2015
Latest changes not saved18426Dolly CaseNoviceFebruary 20, 2015
Can cover page be a spread type, like "back...087HongNoviceFebruary 17, 2015
Grainy Photos After Upload0172Ellen LeuschnerNoviceFebruary 10, 2015
scouts071Bryant EschNoviceFebruary 7, 2015
Low DPI for photobook?0133andrea wissinkNoviceFebruary 7, 2015
Customer Service0193Rick JamesNoviceFebruary 5, 2015
IS VIVID PICS ENABLED ON THIS STUPID BOOK?5616Sara SContributing MemberFebruary 1, 2015
Can't maintain the order of photos from Album to Photo...7605Robert MartinNoviceJanuary 30, 2015
Book Cover won't load2454752C NoeckerJunior MemberJanuary 27, 2015
Error #1009 on Safari Mac31108Audacitie AndersonNoviceJanuary 25, 2015
Delete an added page??7847Angela RobbinsNoviceJanuary 24, 2015
What is the correct size for an 8x11 book?18348Andrea SerioNoviceJanuary 23, 2015

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