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Started the project on IPAD and cant edit on PC151Marie PupeckiNoviceAugust 5, 2014
Photo as two-page background279Joy SalmonNoviceJuly 30, 2014
Instagram71043Christy ConnorsNoviceJuly 29, 2014
Photos in Album are not uploading in arranged order! :(193Sherrita BrightNoviceJuly 24, 2014
Photo book Locked Up, Autosave Feature?6923Kevin and Dawn SchatzNoviceJuly 22, 2014
photo stuck uploading - photobook won't save!8689Krista HarrisonNoviceJuly 21, 2014
Can't maintain the order of photos from Album to Photo...5366Robert MartinNoviceJuly 21, 2014
Building multiple books. Can I transfer a page?5149TonyaNoviceJuly 21, 2014
How do I copy a photo on the page (or just add a photo...1105AnnMarie IserniaNoviceJuly 20, 2014
pictures disappear183Providence SmithNoviceJuly 18, 2014
trying to create several photo books of my wedding photos161Ruthanne DelombaNoviceJuly 15, 2014
Text Box Window Obscures My View131Sheri SnyderNoviceJuly 15, 2014
Photobook Processing Delays - Anyone else?342633Chelsea GreenNoviceJuly 15, 2014
How do I Resubmit photobook after order has been placed?175erin masolotteNoviceJuly 10, 2014
can't edit shared photo book177GraceONoviceJuly 9, 2014
Creating photo book using share sites.. HELP!!!166Angela LewisNoviceJuly 8, 2014
ERROR WITH SUMMERBOOK18318ShannonJunior MemberJune 30, 2014
Photo Upload Issue2178Michael MurrayNoviceJune 30, 2014
I have a promotion coupon from Safeway, there is no mention...3136Ruthie Bell-RiversNoviceJune 27, 2014
time to produce 20 page hardcover book1119Searle SwedlundNoviceJune 26, 2014
Thank you Shutterfly!373Sherri DeJagerNoviceJune 24, 2014
I don't want a hard cover photo book!7789Alisa MyersNoviceJune 21, 2014
Missing Layouts & Custom Path Styles078Eleanor Aliza FreemanJunior MemberJune 21, 2014
Not working8822Michelle NormanNoviceJune 18, 2014
Photo book project error1160Kristina CassidyNoviceJune 16, 2014
Shipping in the Philippines683YstellNoviceJune 16, 2014
Washington, DC travel theme?159Allison PacaillerNoviceJune 13, 2014
how to use the 50% off code159Bhama VemuruNoviceJune 11, 2014
Unable to enter credit card information.6379Katie WNoviceJune 11, 2014
Dust Jacket Text034John CoppNoviceJune 9, 2014

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